Our Story

In March of 2012 two caring girls joined their efforts in an attempt to come up with a simple way to help homeless animals that’s accessible to all. Back then and even to this day the amount of homeless animals is measured in tens of thousands in the Moscow region alone, whereas, the number of animal shelters is less than two dozen, and funds that help these animals in Moscow can be accounted for on the fingers of one hand.

Back in 2012, after talking with the owners of private shelters and volunteers of municipal shelters we concluded that collecting help was not difficult and that anybody interested could do so. The main problem lies in the fact that not too many people know where to begin.  

Did you know that a lot of things you throw in the garbage is vital in shelters? For example, newspapers, old blankets, linens and towels, jackets, coats – anything warm that can serve as bedding during the cold time of the year. Any shelter will gladly accept medications and food that didn’t fit your pet’s needs, and much, much more.

So, in the first year of our volunteer movement we help five shelters in Moscow and its suburbs, and all the collection, distribution and delivery work is carried out by two people. In 2013 the number of shelters supported by us increases to 10, our team now consists of three people, volunteers from shelters get directly involved in our work. In 2014 we are still not an official organization for the protection of animals, but in terms of volume and scale of shelter help we surpass a lot of other animal protection societies.

By the time of the official registration of the Fund, we have helped and are helping 25 animal shelters, which contain over 10,000 dogs and cats. Our team consists of four people, and we have established a close cooperation with almost all shelters in Moscow and its suburbs. In monetary terms, over the three years of our existence we’ve provided help worth over 700,000 rubles, and the amount of food for homeless pets bought on a monthly basis is sometimes measured in tons.